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The real benefit of this club is worldwide access to hard to get  business connections, sport events, cultural entertainment, country clubs and fun entertainment not known to the general public. The membership in this club gives you and your organization worldwide VIP treatment.  The total of the many clubs you normally would have had to join in different states and countries would have been more expensive for even the richest VIP or organization.  
Join and let us design a program that fits you or your company profile.​  We will design your program to be all-inclusive or ala carte that fits within your company budget. 

We offer exclusive privileges for members and their guests to enjoy and include fine dining using all-organic foods at worldwide restaurants or gourmet meals flown into your location from top chef's worldwide or meals from our club chefs at your request onsite. Our club members really enjoy the relaxing therapeutic massages held in the most beautiful locations in the world. Memberships includes security and protected privacy wherever you go in the world.  Club members cruise on some of the world’s largest and most luxurious custom yachts and stationed in international waters just outside major emerging market cities as well as cruise ships. Club members can use our Club Corporate Jets, Helicopters, Limousines, Yacht's for business and fun 24/7. Club members enjoy exclusive access to real inside deal making information through regular opportunities to meet and network with the world’s movers and shakers i.e. royalty, influential government officials, corporate chiefs, scientists and successful businessmen from an array of worldwide corporations.  Club membership is now open to active and former military personnel aspiring to be in business or is an entrepreneur.

As a Club Member you will have unbelievable access to events worldwide that include hard to get sport tickets, theater tickets, worldwide fashion shows, and theme park tickets for employees & family members. Club members play paint ball war games, polo matches, fox hunting, ocean and fresh water fishing, poker nights, opportunities to play a sport against or with NBA, NFL, NHL, and PGA players.  The fun is unlimited and the personal and business services are available in your membership. 

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The employee services below are included in all Platinum Memberships or we can design a custom package for your
company in the Corporate Bronze, Silver or Gold Memberships with a combination of our affiliates and partners.

Business Support Services
Available to club members businesses worldwide are these services:

International accounting is available because some countries use different accounting systems and you need to understand them even though many of these countries are now updating to be more compatible with training and hiring personnel who understands these systems.. 

Tax Consulting - Your company may need to know if you are going to be taxed also in the different countries of the world and at what rate. Also are there hidden taxes that local provinces, villages, towns and officials of the particular country that you are doing business with, what will they charge your company? 

Business Outsourcing Advice - We have answers to where, and what companies to deal with in the USA, or worldwide because of bribes, gratuities, kickbacks etc. to local officials. Our business club members from many countries can also advise your company of the secrets and the best way to deal with the cultures and deal makers.

Marketing & Sales - Helps you to find the best sales and marketing strategies for the different parts of the world to keep your company from wasting time and money because of the differences of a company and business styles.. We will help advise your sales and marketing staff on how to deal in that country and introduce you to other club members who can help that may be from that country..

International Finance, Investments, Banking, Insurance - We have club members in these fields that can help or you can do business with.

Also Available

IT/Web support - Legal Affairs and Taxes - Project Management - Relocation Services - Travel Management Services - V.I.P Concierge Services - Business Incubators Services - Business Negotiator Services - Legal Support Worldwide - Senior Expert Services Worldwide - Business Image Consulting - Language Translators.
​You and/or your company are cordially invited to join this very prestigious Universal World Corporate Business Club. This Exclusive Business Club is designed for a very diversified group of business managers, medical, legal professionals etc., to enjoy world class benefits through our partners worldwide. Take a look at our world class partners and services on this website, featuring their own websites.  Membership will be exclusive and open to all companies from startups to conglomerates that have a need to increase their bottom line and care about their employees contribution to the business.  Some company employees requested these club benefits instead of raises.  Memberships are "ala carte" or all inclusive.  Take a look at these partners on video that we would assign to you based on your company need, desire or planning:

You can be a part of this elite group of club members to enjoy or sponsor club activities, as well as produce your own events for club members with the help of our capable event planning staff. All club members names and businesses are held in complete confidentiality and are only revealed to our exclusive club members after permissions. Business deals can be made at club sponsored events on golf courses, at formal dinners, networking parties and more. 
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Business Loans Available To Your Company Immediately
For Advertising, Staffing, New Equipment, Inventory,
Remodeling, Seasonal Opportunities, 
Accounts Payable.  
Other Types of Specialty Loans
Business Loans Due To Bad Credit Rating
Bridge Loans
Commercial Business Loans
Corporate Loans
First Time Business Loans
Online Business Loans
Short Term Business Loans
Working Capital Loans
Unsecured Business Loans
New Facilities, and Upgrades
Taking Dream Vacations and Exotic Travel
Educational and Re-training Expenses
Attractive New Investment Opportunities
Purchasing a New Dream Home
Estate Planning and Distributions
Starting a New Business Venture
Settling Legal Matters / Weddings
Financial Planning / Paying Off Debt
Paying Unforeseen Medical Expenses
Covering Expenses Due to Job Loss

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As a Member You Will Be Able To Register Your Business In The Homestead Business Directory​ To Market Your Products And Services Exclusively Around The World In American and Foreign Markets, Our club members always look forward to purchasing from businesses that advertise and support each other in our worldwide business club.
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